Horizons: Current Exhibition

We have become so caught up in the toys of our generation; computers, social media, film, that we have forgotten to step outside to experience the sensation of pure thoughtlessness. Being immersed in nature can create a dream-like tranquility. There are few places in the world where your mind can wander into a meditative state. The middle of the forest, next to an ocean, a hot desert; the vastness of landscapes create an aura of simplicity that allow your mind to wander.

Our reality and our dreams can become separated. Rather than thinking our dreams can become our realities or allowing our imaginations to become our lives, we think the two must be separated. We never want to be convinced that the two can become one.

While we stand in nature, our imagination and our reality become one thing; we experience the world in a pure and simple manner. We don’t need to think about the future or the past. We don’t need to think of the ways in which we can better our lives. In those few moments in nature, all we have to think about is the experience of standing there.

We don’t need to think, we just need to look. We just need to feel the warmth of the sun, see the colors of the trees, and hear the quietness of the wind. It feels like a dream.

There is a tension created in this moment. For a second, the dream, the simplicity of the moment, takes over reality. But once reality sets back in, the inconsistencies of this moment are emphasized. And then this moment becomes an inconsistency in our perception, and we realize the vastness of the landscape conceivably altered our way of looking at life.

Most landscapes are imaginative, erupting from the conscious of the artist to enhance the perfection of reality. Getting lost in the vastness of a landscape can inspire the imagination to dream of possibilities.

These artists have created simple moments of peace and serenity through atmospheric painting and earthly sculpture. Vast horizons capture the essence of nature, allowing your thoughts to wander endlessly as if you were standing before these landscapes.

Through each landscape you are meant to be dragged from the responsibilities of your life and transported into a dream. A dream that focuses on the subtle changes of color and atmosphere, the slight differences found in nature--the greens of leaves, the blues of skies.

A vastness in space and line allows the mind to wander into thoughtlessness, into a moment that confuses the everyday with the dream.

Horizons will be on view from January 11, 2019 through March 2, 2019.

Featuring Laura Guese, Patricia Finley, Melanie Grein, Derrick Breidenthal, George Kozmon and Barbara Sorenson.