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Lee Heekin                          Elaine Coombs
Norman Epp                        Kevin Hoth
Katie Kalkstein                    Aaron Morgan Brown
Brian Comber

Opening Reception: Friday, March 16, 2018, 5-9pm

Exhibit Runs Through: May 5, 2018


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A vantage point does not have to be the actual point which we are looking from; nor something limited to a spatial region.  Rather, a viewpoint is a position from which something is observed or considered, the mental attitude that determines a person’s opinions or judgments.  This exhibit offers viewers an opportunity to reconsider their own point of view through artworks that combine invented environments, the natural world, and the symbolism of everyday of objects.  These artists present works from a personal perspective, allowing viewers to transform the meanings from their unique vantage point.

We invite you... an unparalleled experience of discovery through our commitment to our clients, our artists and the community.

Located just four blocks from the Denver Art Museum, Walker Fine Art is a captivating, loft-style gallery featuring original contemporary art. A solo or group exhibit of new work by our anchor artists is always on display in our 3800 square foot gallery. 

Our national and regional artists display exceptional levels of sophistication, quality, and execution through multiple mediums. Themed exhibitions follow a seven week rotating schedule and represent the leading edge in Abstraction and Realism through Mixed Media, Photography, Sculpture and Installation.


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