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Located just four blocks from the Denver Art Museum, Walker Fine Art is a captivating, loft-style gallery featuring original contemporary art. A solo or group exhibit of new work by our anchor artists is always on display in our 3800 square foot gallery. 

Our national and regional artists display exceptional levels of sophistication, quality, and execution through multiple mediums. Themed exhibitions follow a seven week rotating schedule and represent the leading edge in Abstraction and Realism through Mixed Media, Photography, Sculpture and Installation.

Photo Credit: Peter Kowalchuk


Current Exhibition
A   C O N S C I O U S   S U R R E N D E R

Anna Charney                     Ben Strawn
Deidre Adams                     Carol Browning
David Mazza                        Sara Pittman

Opening Reception: Friday, July 13, 2018, 5-9pm
Exhibit Runs Through: September 8, 2018


A conscious surrender may appear as an anomaly, however in certain forms of art, especially of the abstract nature, the notion is almost necessity. To genuinely surrender opens up a dialogue with the blank canvas; allowing colors, forms and meandering lines to take place of thoughts, a wordless narrative creates a visual dance. This group exhibition displays artists who have stopped struggling for a certain outcome and have allowed their subconscious to be the driving force behind their final result.

"It is when I completely switched off my will that my body and my nerves, my subconscious self, know best when and where to let the sand fall." - Andre Masson

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