Photography by Kara Pearson Photography, courtesy of Confluence Denver.   

Photography by Kara Pearson Photography, courtesy of Confluence Denver.


Bobbi Walker | Owner 


Art is inspiring because it gives us a glimpse into our own true essence.

It also reflects our collective humanity, encouraging us to feel deeply and think broadly.

Art heals by lifting our spirits and bringing us together in conversation about the ever-changing state of the world.

As patrons, we are the guardians of culture, we are called upon to instill the value, and thereby, ensuring the gift of art for future generations.



Interview with Black Tie Colorado


Libby Headhsot.jpg

 Libby Garon | Gallery Manager


Your role:  As Gallery Manager, I intend to build strong client relationships that are founded on trust. Through innovative marketing strategy, business development, artwork sales and general operation, I strive to share my passion for art in everything I do. 

Your story: As an art lover, I have been fortunate to have the arts as a constant in my life. Growing up as a ballet dancer in the Bay Area, CA, then studying studio art with a focus in printmaking at Mount Holyoke College in MA, to continuing to make my own work here in Denver, the arts are in my blood. I continue to make and sell my own work, and appreciate having both perspectives of the artist and arts professional. 

What inspires you: innovative collaborations, building personal relationships, evocative artwork

Three words that describe you: gregarious, charismatic, unique

Fun Hobbies: vintage clothing collector, house plant hoarder, cocktail and cuisine dabbler, travel enthusiast


 Abbey Arlt | Marketing Manager


Your role: As the Marketing Manager for the gallery, I represent the voice of the gallery through press releases, e-mail campaigns and social media efforts.

Your story: I graduated from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln in 2012, and moved to Colorado immediately.  I have been working with Walker since 2013. I love being on the Walker team because they allow me the freedom and encouragement to express my passion of working with artists and curating exhibitions.

What inspires you: Seamless exhibits, innovative artwork & fresh ideas.

Three words that describe you: Open-minded, creative & nomadic.

Fun Hobbies: I love to climb mountains, go camping, practice yoga, attend concerts & festivals, try out new recipes, and create my own jewelry.


Eliza Ross | Events and Exhibitions Manager


Your role: As Events Coordinator, I am responsible for booking and managing events within the gallery, including weddings, parties, corporate events and meetings. As Exhibit & Inventory Manager for the gallery, I work with artists in planning and executing exhibitions, as well as keeping updated inventory spreadsheets and web pages.

Your story: After moving here from the East Coast, I graduated from the University of Denver in 2007 with a Bachelors in Art History, and within a few years received my Masters Certification in Art Administration and Program Development from DU as well. I have been programming and planning art events for over 8 years, and am thoroughly enjoying working with Walker Fine Art as an event venue.

What inspires you: Street art, nature & music.

Three words that describe you: Creative, adventurous, fun!

Fun Hobbies: Hiking and camping, snowboarding, attending concerts and festivals, travel, decoupage, playing the ukulele and spending time with my dog, Sheba.


Linus Arlt | Gallery Pug


Your role: I am the official guest greeter and cuddles expert for the ladies of Walker Fine Art.

Your story: Abbey picked me when I was just a tiny little pup. We made it through college together, and moved to Colorado 4 years ago. I love being on the Walker team because I get lots of love and pets from everyone who visits!

What inspires you: Walks, treats and naps.

Three words that describe you: Dapper, curious and hilarious.

Fun Hobbies: I love to hike with Abbey…well, basically do everything with Abbey. I also love sleeping, eating and playing pug-of-war with my brother and sister.